• 1800 and 1803


    1800 and 18037Th March 1800

    Thomas Jefferson has a great popularity ;

    He's elected new president officially today. I wonder what will happen to our country because I have heard that he wanted to expand the territory, the new American republic.

    But, to accomplished this task, he has to purchase the territory to France. And to be honest, I don't know how he will reach.




    30th April 1803

    I remember three years ago I was wondering how the president could have, or else, purchase the territory to France.

    I finally know my answer !

    Jefferson approve, at the Congress, the purchase of Louisiana territory by writing to France. He has paid 15 million dollars.


    20th December 1803

    Thanks to the purchase, America eventually doubled in size (828,000m^2).

    The new territory stretched from the north at the Mississippi Valley, to the south at the Rochy Mountains.

    I wonder how the things are going to go. But I think it won't be slow to know.


    23rd February 1804

    I knew that Jefferson would organized something to explore this new territory Congress, but I did not know when and how he would begin to act.

    Therefore, at his request, he has organized an expedition.

    1800 and 1803










    XIMENEZ Tony 2nde 10

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