• Departure


    27th march 1804

    I know more of his hopes and all of it :

    The reason why the president wanted to make an expedition since he contacted the ambassador of Spain in 1802 is because he wants to find navigable rivers to develop the business to the Pacific Ocean.

    The aim of the expedition is therefore to document the findings of the kind of journey.

    Meriwether Lewis is chosen to accomplish this mission and he has chosen me to accompany him.

    I'm not scared about that, I'm proud and glad to accompany him for this historic journey.


    14th may 1804

    Today is the D day !

    All is prepared : wagons, horses, stagecoaches, food, etc.

    Lewis is accompanied of 33 soldiers and officers.

    Me and my 7 soldiers and officers have began to walk to Saint-Charles.

    Indeed, they are waiting for us at Saint-Charles in the Missouri.

    While they are waiting, I am preparing myself psychologically because I am so excited and a little bit stressed because for days I am thinking about what could happen to us during the expedition.

    Anyway, we will all of us stalk about all these things when we will be together.



    20th may 1804

    So, it is finally today that we have arrived !

    Together, a group of about 40 soldiers and officers, we are named the Corps of Discovery and our mission is to find the so-called Northwest passage, a water route across the continent to the Pacific Ocean, and document our findings.

    We have leaved Saint-Charles as soon as I arrived.

    We have talk about the difficulties that we anticipate :

    We are not scared but we wonder what will happen when we will meet Indians along the way. And for the animals we will also meet, we will be just careful.

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